Our Core Belief

We best serve our clients by enabling them to be as self-sufficient as possible.

What Does That Mean

We walk into every project with our clients like it could be our last. As a result we work to make sure our clients can manage, maintain, or reproduce the work they brought us in for. This is why we focus on teaching and build it into just about every project we take. We want our clients to see us as experts who want them become experts too.


Custom Classroom Training

If you are looking to get your staff up to speed we are happy to come on site and train them how to use Tableau in a classroom setting.

Custom Individual Training

If you have a small number of staff or need them to learn specific higher level skills we can develop an individual training model that meets your needs.

Short Term Consulting

While we know that the best way to serve our clients is to get them self-sufficient we also acknowledge the periodic need for a skilled, temporary solution.

Strategic Support

Analytics is an expensive, complicated tool to implement in any organization, there is no need to make it unnecessarily risky by not laying out a strategic plan for it.

Part Time/ Temporary CDO

For those looking for the strategic and practical support a Chief Data Officer offers but cannot currently justify expanding their C-Suite.

Analytics Deployment ROI

An investment in business intelligence is an expensive endeavor and many organizations are unsatisfied with their ROI, we help identify and eliminate hurdles.